Berkeley Family History

I've included an account of my family history. It might be of some interest to a tiny number of people out there. I first put it on the web in 1996, and it has been in need of a redesign ever since. I've not really done any work on my family tree in the last 10 years, but I'm happy to answer queries from the curious.

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Main Berkeley Line

The Berkeley family were important in Medieval Gloucestershire. Theirs is an interesting story, but you'll have to make do with my tabloid version here. There is scope for several films, particularly the life of Sir John Berkeley. Perhaps someone will do this one day.

History of Berkeley

I have copied a history of Berkeley written in the 19th century, in the hope that it might be of interest to anyone who does not have access to the book itself.

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The Mowbray Family

I'm also descended from the Mowbray Family. They came close to greatness in the middle ages, but blew it, losing everything.